Vicar:                         Revd Dave Leaf

Church Wardens:      Pauline Clegg and Mary Sutton

Parish Secretary:        June Hegarty

The Dancers:             Frank and Hilda Westbrook

The Uniforms:         Sue Molyneaux looks after the boys sections

                                  and Nina Brereton-Burgess looks after our girls

The Singers:            Wynn Simister looks after the singing group along with Dave and Pauline

Readers:                  Peter Stephen and Jenny Raynor are licensed to preach and lead services in                                the parish, and look after us in many other ways!

Other licenses:       John Clegg is licensed to look after communions, preaching and leading                                          services, and Martin Hulbert is licensed to lead and preach.

Other ministries:     Jess Leaf is married to the vicar and has too many jobs to list here!

Jess, Nina, Lisa, Lynda, Gilly, and a variety of other ladies shepherd all of our young people during Sunday School and during the services.  If you have children and are coming to visit with us they will be clearly visible as they are surrounded by children and gather everyone up who looks like they may be new!



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