We are an anglican parish serving the needs of our congregation and community in South Chadderton.  In following Jesus as his disciples, we recognise that we are called to love God and to express God’s love for us in our love for one another.

We meet each week on Sundays to gather together in the presence of God, to give thanks for all that we see Him doing in us and in the world, to encourage and support each other in our struggles with faith, life and all the rest.  Our services focus on the teaching of the Bible and God’s desire to communicate with us where we are.

Whether you are a stalwart looking for a home to stay in, a seeker wondering where God is and whether He has anything to say to you, or a struggler with questions, problems, and complaints, we want to assure you that you are welcome to meet with us and we will endeavour to walk with you, even as Jesus walks with us along this winding road.

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