Births and Beginnings
Let’s begin at the beginning.

St George’s takes seriously the concept that at baptism a child becomes a member of the family of God, and in recognition of that membershipm joins the local worshipping community. For this reason baptisms normally take place in the main worship service at 10am, unless there are over-riding pastoral reasons for a different occasion, or place.

Child/Infant Baptims

Initial contact is generally made through the vicar, who arranges to meet with the parents at a mutually convenient date to discuss the most appropriate service, and preparation.

Parents who live in the parish are always welcome to have their children baptised at St George’s. We do not normally baptise children of parents who live outside the parish unless they are regular worshippers at St George’s.

Parents are required to undertake preparation before the baptism of their children which will usually involve at least two meetings with both parents, during which the content and nature of the Baptism Service will be fully discussed. They are encouraged to become regular members of the worshipping community.

Parents who may not feel ready to commit to the promises of a baptism at the time but still want to have a service, are normally offered a service of Dedication which takes place at the main service on any convenient Sunday, and requires neither preparation, nor any level of Christian commitment. It does acknowledge that the parents want to express their gratitude for a new life in some way to God, but appreciates that we are not all ready to make commitments beyond our willingness to keep.

Adult Baptism

Adult baptisms usually take place at the same time as confirmations.

Candidates for adult baptism are expected to have a basic understanding of the Christian faith, and a genuine desire to be fully committed followers of Christ. They will usually be expected to attend either a Christian basics and/or confirmation preparation course.