The Parish

We are a relatively small parish in South Chadderton, spanning the M62 and Broadway.
We have been around for just over a hundred years, though not all of us were there at the beginning.
We are part of the Diocese of Manchester in the Church of England.

The People

Like many Churches, we are more of a box of Roses chocolates than a bar of Dairy Milk, in that we are made up of different sorts of people. The vicar and his wife have been accused of sounding posh, but don’t be fooled,  their children and the majority of the congregation are good manchester/oldham/chadderton stock, depending on who you ask!, and we have been gradually changing from one or two under the half century, to roughly half our congregation still a way off from bus passes!


We would probably stand under the flag of basing our faith and practice on the Bible, in that we see it as God’s Word to us for our salvation, as well as daily living.  If you wanted to label us evangelical we wouldn’t object but don’t necessarily feel that the label is important.  What matters to us is that people who join with us come to meet with the person of Jesus Christ, as He is revealed in the Bible, and that this meeting with Jesus brings people to recognise God the Father’s deep, and unconditional love for them.

Our worship is fairly traditional, not too high if that makes any sense to you, and offers a good variety for all ages.





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